To Oneka Ridge men’s club members:



The Men’s Club Committee consists of Harley Ogata (chair), Craig Wahlstrand, Jeff St. Cyr, and Ron Raasch.  The Committee met over the winter and reviewed the surveys and made a few changes for the upcoming year.  First, the surveys were very positive, so drastic changes were not made to the structure of the league.  We did make some changes to the schedule which we think are very positive!  We made a couple of other minor changes that we can discuss at the spring meeting.

Spring Meeting?  We will hold our annual spring meeting on March 24th at 10 am at Oneka.  There is construction going on, so we’ll have to be flexible with seating and such.  If the weather is really nice, we’ll have a shotgun start along with the meeting.  Stay flexible here.  For now, plan on the meeting only starting at 10.

Finally, we still have room to grow as a club.  Last year, we had a good bump in membership and we could use another bump of the same size.  So, we are redoing the big prize for those who recruit new members (including old members who have dropped out).  For each new member you recruit, your name will be added to a drawing to be held on opening day of the club year.  Just be sure to have the member state on his membership form that he was recruited by you.  Enter as many times as you can recruit a new member.  Big prize will be a $400 Callaway gift card, redeemable at the club!


Harley Ogata, Chair, Ron Raasch, Craig Wahlstrand, Ken Stemig, Jeff St. Cyr.


Jon Hatcher, Head Professional